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Ankle Brace III L1906


  • Acute and persistent ankle sprains
  • Instability in the ankle
  • Syndesmosis sprains
  • We Offer Both Left and Right Ankle Brace Options


  • For easy application, close the front
  • Functional hinges and rigid uprights
  • A removable posterior support panel

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The  ankle brace III L1906 provides greater stability than regular supports and can be used to treat ankle injuries. The lightweight and low-profile device prevents inversions, rotations, and eversions of the ankle.

This device allows for unrestricted natural dorsi and plantar flexion. The combination of soft goods and a rigid footplate with an adjustable calf cuff gives you unsurpassed control and support.

Patients can add support by attaching the posterior panel to the ankle l1906 brace. It stops below the knee.

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