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Hip adj flex ext abduct cont – L2624


  • Universal and bilateral hip support
  • Easy adjustment of hip abduction and hip adduction with the included Allen wrench
  • Flexion/extension ROM joint
  • Lightweight, breathable and lightweight

  • Mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis
  • Anterior and posterior hip dysplasia
  • Hip revisions or surgeries
  • Pre-op and post-op

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Our Post-Op ROM Hip and Comfortmax Hip Orthosis designs include the Comfort Abduction Control Joint. The included Allen wrench makes it easy to adjust hip abduction or adduction with the included Allen wrench. It can be used for either the right or left leg.


The most Comfortable Hip abduction and extension Orthosis can be used for hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and revisions. The Comfortmax Hip Orthosis is designed for Pre-Op or Post-Op. It’s bilateral and has universal sizing. There are multiple flexions and adduction settings.

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