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Universal Shoulder Abduction Pillow – L3962


  • Shoulder, elbow, and cuff injuries
  • Frosted shoulder
  • Pre-op and post-op


Universal size fits left or right arm/shoulder

  • Provides multiple abduction settings
  • Lightweight, firm foam
  • Latex free

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Premium thumb and wrist splints can be used to treat De Quervain’s Syndrome and Gamekeeper’s Thumb. They are the same in construction as thumb splints and wrist extensions abduction pillow l3962, and they are easy to use. A thumb stay that adjusts can be used to immobilize your thumb while you heal. The malleable palmar block stops just short of the distal palmar and gives full motion to the fingers.

L3962 Universal shoulder abduction pillow is lightweight and can be used in all sizes. The features a unique design and multiple abduction settings. Additionally, the reversible strapping system makes it possible to wear the on either the left or right arm.


  • Excellent for treating De Quervain’s Syndrome, Gamekeeper’s Thumb, or carpometacarpal instabilities.
  • The wrist extension sleeves have the same construction as the wrist splints, but they come with an adjustable thumb stay.
  • Useful for immobilizing your thumb while you heal.
  • The distal end of the palmar stops at the malleable stop, which allows for full movement of the fingers.
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