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Suspension Sleeve – L2397


  • Immobilization for postoperative and post-trauma conditions
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Shoulder instability, irritations, and dislocations
  • Issues relating to rotator cuff injuries


  • Ambidextrous design fits left or right arm
  • High-density foam waist cushion
  • Use a stress ball to increase circulation
  • Simple to use and adjust


  • Hygienic Product: Not Specified
  • Allergy: Not Specified

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Patients who wear hinged knee braces regularly will appreciate the Suspension Sleeve. 

The lightweight cotton/lycra sleeve prevents braces from moving or sliding. While the Neoprene lined lining provides patient comfort and prevents skin irritation, it is also breathable.

This slim, low-profile sleeve can be worn under any hinged knee brace, and it is universally sizeable, fitting almost all patients.

 To help prevent knee orthosis, the suspension sleeve, worn underneath the brace next to the skin, is used.


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