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We are business-to-business dropshipping company. We deliver DME to patient on your behalf. We don't sell directly to consumers.

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Durable Medical Equipment Supplier

Easiest way to get your equipments because we know what you need.

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Rollator Walker

Rollator Walker

Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitor

Ice Therapy Machines

Ice Therapy Machine

Shower Chair

Shower Chair

Knee Walker

Quad Cane

Quad Cane

Forearm Crutches Home

Forearm Crutches

Leg Compression Pump Full System

Leg Compression Pump

Transfer Bench

Transfer Bench

Alternating Pressure Matress Cover

Pressure Mattress

Why People Choose Us?

Best Products to Choose From

We provide best selected DME products to meet your Customer's Need

DME Brand Names You Trust

We are partner ship with Good DME supplier companies

Our Expertise in Distribution & Supply

We have 7 years for experiance in helping our clients to grow their business

We are committed to logostical Excellence

We delivering your orders on right time to your customers

Success Stories from Our Customers

Steve Skoro

We have seen a significant increase in our business since we utilised AVA Medical Supply to handle all of our drop-ship orders for patients. Their customer service team is professional and responsive to all inquiries.

Stephen Newell

They are the best durable medical equipment supplier. Ava Team was a huge help to us. They deliver all our durable medical equipment on time  and I have always had good communication. 

Jack cooper

They provide 24/7 support. I will definitely recommend someone who is looking for a durable medical equipment supplier.

John Chulmecky

AVA Supply Health eliminates all back and forth, allowing our teams to process orders instantly. Best thing about them is that they don’t charge  any restocking fees.

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